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Complete Infinitunes SALES SYSTEM including:

  • Infiniseller sales template and audiovisual presentation system
  • 20 HD video loops to use in Infinitunes
  • Full template source files
  • 2 week pagebuilder account trial for drag and drop editing

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Create Unique & Personalized Premium Audio Tracks in 3 SIMPLE Clicks...

Generate Audio

Select your genre from our huge library, find the perfect activity to match your video's energy and tone and then find a mood to really dial it in. Then, set the length of your audio track.


Click Play

Infinitunes instantly creates a 100% copyright-free, premium-sounding audio track based on your preferences, on every click. Play it and save the one that perfectly-matches your video.

Combine with Any Video or Image

Combine your new premium-sounding audio track with ANY video for your own use, or sell it online with our included Commercial License!


Infinitunes Users Are Using Their Perfectly-Matched HQ Audio Tracks For...


Video Sales Letters


Video Ads & Promos


Facebook Video Ads


Review Videos


Training Videos


TV Commercials


Demo & Walkthrough Videos


Instagram Ads & Posts


Product Videos




Membership Videos


Sales Videos

Why Marketers, Business Owners And Entrepreneurs Love Infinitunes...

THE PERFECT audio-track for everything

Effortlessly create perfectly-matched audio tracks for Video ads, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), Walkthroughs, Tutorials, and Videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more...


Sync to videos inside Infinitunes

Make professional-sounding marketing videos using our easy 'point & click' video & audio editor. Simply click 'Add to Video' next to any of your Infinitunes audio tracks, paste in ANY YouTube URL (or upload your own video) and we'll merge them together!

Full audio control

Find the IDEAL balance between your Infinitunes audio and video audio with our straightforward audio tools inside the built-in video editor. Set a start time, loop your audio, adjust volume for both Infinitunes audio AND your video audio.


Unlimited usage and distribution rights

Never worry about copyright issues, takedowns, limitations or even legal letters. Each track is 100% unique to you and can be used for ANY video across ANY platform such as social media, TV, your website and more.

Never-before-seen technology

In just 3 clicks, this breakthrough WORLD FIRST software produces premium-sounding audio tracks that sound as if they were created by highly-talented and top-rated composers.


Unmatched quality at an unbeatable price

With the latest innovations in digital music creation, and super-fast rendering… there’s no other app, software or tool on the market that comes close - at any price!

High-Quality audio in 1-click

A brand new premium track, on every click. Every single track is unique, composed instantly by request, and can be set to last 30 seconds, 1 minute or even 3 minutes!


Higher engagement, conversion rates & sales

INFINITUNES improves engagement with visitors. They are not bored by a dull-sounding outdated video track or distracted by some audio that overshadows the main message of the video.

Never hire a composer again

With just a click you can now create professional audio tracks that sound like they were created inside a Hollywood studio, but you never have to pay anything.


Multi-purpose use

INFINITUNES can be widely used for Gaming Videos, Film & Animation, Real Estate Promotion Videos, Training Videos, Demos, Walkthrough Videos, Advertisements etc. to create professional personalized audio promotional material and more.


This advanced technology is budget-friendly (low one-time fee purchase). What’s more, it’s a fraction of the price you’d have to pay per licensed track or a SINGLE track created by a professional.



Simply select the type of audio you want to create, customize as per your preferences, and click to 'Add to Video'. Getting a high-quality audio track synced to a video has never been easier and faster.

Works seamlessly on any device

Access your INFINITUNES secure dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted on the cloud - no software installation or downloads required!


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Along With Access To INFINITUNES, You’ll Get These Exclusive Valuable Bonuses:


Bonus #1


 VALUE: $197 

This cloud-based audio platform lets you and your users download slick royalty free music tracks to use in marketing videos….all in a seamless automated way. Sell the tracks people need, from a library of over 1200!


Bonus #2


 VALUE: $297 

This is a jam-packed done-for-you website and bundle for selling audio tracks you generate with Infinitunes.


Bonus #3

Agency Website

 VALUE: $300 

While professional background music is not a novel service, we wanted to make it incredibly easy for you to get started reselling it to your customers. With this beautiful agency website built to convert, you can start winning customers and growing your retargeting service business right away.


Bonus #4

Agency Video

 VALUE: $500 

This custom made agency video is made to convert visitors into buyers within a minute. The script has been carefully crafted by our team and video produced by a professional. Click on it to watch it for yourself. 


Bonus #5

Lead Magnet

 VALUE: $300 

Now everybody knows that education-based marketing is the most powerful form of selling. Give away this powerful lead magnet to grow your list and turn curious visitors into hot prospects instantly. Note that we put a lot of effort into the design of this lead magnet to make it even more appealing. 

Plus, Get These Extra Bonuses

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Bonus #6

Fiverr Masterclass

 VALUE: $500 

There has never been a better time to start selling your professional background music services than in 2020. In fact, in the past few months demand for background audios and music themes has been booming, and with over 33,060  results for the search term "Professional background music" on Fiverr, you know there is a strong demand for this. 


With our Fiverr Kit, you will get everything you need to start selling on Fiverr, including in-depth video preparation and video production training. Don't just buy a new tool: learn a new skill!


Like everything on this page, this bonus has been purpose-built by our team and is 100% exclusive to this launch.


Bonus #7

Youtube Masterclass

 VALUE: $500 

Discover how to build your YouTube Authority with this training on starting and growing a successful YouTube channel or your business or brand.


Bonus #8

Stock Videos Collection Pack

 VALUE: $300 

You will never again ran out of premium quality videos with this 4K stock videos collection pack. 


Complement your professional background music service with only the best stock videos in the market today.


Bonus #9

Ads Templates

 VALUE: $200 

So by now, you have the agency website, the agency video, the lead magnet, the masterclass, but what else do you need for your professional background music campaign? You guessed it, actual service ads! Our designer spent the week crafting some powerful ad design you can. use for your business or your clients. Check them out right here.


Bonus #10

Outreach Strategy

 VALUE: $200 

If you are an agency, how exactly can you reach out to potential customers? This is what we reveal in this exclusive guide with our step-by-step outreach strategy.


Bonus #11

Pricing Strategy

 VALUE: $200 

Now getting customers is one part of the equation. The other part is pricing your professional background music  services. 


Bonus #12

Email Outreach Templates

 VALUE: $100 

In 2020 the best way to get customers is still good old emails. We included some powerful email templates you can use to turn cold emails into potential customers. 


Bonus #13

Service Proposal

 VALUE: $100 

Once you secure a music service contract, you will need a strong proposal to seal the deal. That’s why we included this professional agency proposal template free of use.

Plus, Get Reseller Rights

When You Buy OTO4


Bonus #14

Reseller Rights

 VALUE: $1000 

This is the biggest one here. On this page, there is at the very least $2,000 in custom bonuses, which we paid for to various service providers so they can be available to you.


Now if you chose to grab Infinitunes OTO4, the Resellers Package License, you will be able to give away or resell freely all the bonuses on this page. 


You see, with the OTO4, you will be able to resell Infinitunes as your own. 


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Based on our experience of super affiliates, we can ensure that this is the type of bonus package that will increase your conversions as Infinitunes Reseller, drastically. 


Please note that to protect our custom bonus exclusivity, you will only be able to make use of your giveaway and resell rights from September 29th, 2020. 

Here is everything you can get FREE today:

  • AudioDeck = $197
  • InifiSeller = $297
  • Agency Website = $300
  • Agency Video = $500
  • Lead Magnet = $300
  • Fiverr Masterclass = $500
  • Stock Videos Collection Pack = $300
  • Ads Templates = $200
  • Outreach Strategy = $200
  • Pricing Strategy = $200
  • Email Outreach Templates = $100
  • Service Proposal = $100
  • Youtube Masterclass = $500
  • Reseller Rights = $1000


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